Amorello 25km Single Track Map
Amorello 25km Single Track Map

Amorello 25km Single Track Map PDF Download

Amorello’s single track is also available in GPS format. Please email us on to request the .gpx file.


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 25km professionally designed single trackMountain Biking at Amorello

Amorello 25km(15.5 miles) MTB track, designed and built by Russell White, a respected cycling coach and cyclist, which starts and finishes at Amorello’s restaurant/reception. Riders do a lap around Amorello’s golf course before heading through the gate to our neighbouring game farm, Mfuleni. Mfuleni is 500 hectares of unspoiled natural bush, home to a variety of small wildlife and antelope species as well as an abundance of birdlife.

To give riders a better idea of Amorello’s single track, we asked local rider Graeme Boucher, who rides regularly at Amorello, to give us his breakdown of the track.

Before venturing out onto the Amorello single track make sure that your MTB has been converted to tubeless and your stans is topped up, as this is wild Zululand with thorns that go through 4×4 tires. Your ride will be short lived and you will have a long walk back to Amorello’s restaurant. Also, carry bombs and inflation kits plus plugs in case they are needed. We had a case where some British riders had to abort their ride after 15 Kms because of 5 punctures and no more tubes.

The ride begins with a gentle meander through the open plains, look out for Impala Wildebeest and Red Duiker. When you get down to the corner of the track, you go through the gate to Mfuleni farm and into 500+ hectares of unspoiled African bush. The route starts gently through the trees with some flowing single track before ramping up over some fun anthills. Watch out for the A route for the brave and B route around the anthills for the less experienced. The route is quite sandy in places so run your tire pressure much lower than normal. Recommended pressure from 1.3 to 1.5 Bar on the front and 1.5 to 1.8 bar on the rear. Check out the fun areas like Betsy Boop an old car wreck and the Boneyard where remains of prowling Leopard kills can be seen. Try to keep as quiet as possible and you will be rewarded with sightings of beautiful Nyala (the males are dark charcoal with white beards and the females and young males, are light brown with white stripes) plus Grey Duiker, Reed Buck, Bushpigs and Warthogs. If you come across any snakes, stop or give them lots of room and let them move away to safety.

After about 8.5 km you will emerge from the bush single track to a slightly wider track section. Here you can get your breath back before plunging back into the bush. At approx 14 km, you will get to the Picnic spot for a well-earned breather after a steep rocky climb up from the river. enjoy the amazing view over the river towards the Lebombo mountains. Refreshed, fly down the flowing single track past the dam wall till you emerge above the Mzinene river floodplain and Phinda Private Game Reserve on your left. Keep a lookout on the Phinda side for game grazing on the floodplain. If you are lucky, you may even see one or two of the “Big 5”! A rather bumpy section follows so keep your line before emerging onto a fast flowing section named the Cheetah Run. You are now on your way back to a well earned cold one, after some sandy sections, there is a fast flowing single track section back down to the gate, out of the wilderness section and then an easy run back to Amorello’s restaurant to enjoy a well earned cold beer or two. Parts of the track are marked A route and B route. The B route is not too technical and can be managed by brave novices, however, if you are going to take on the A route bring our A game. Showers and Toilets are available at Amorello.



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